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Perun P90 Mosfet

Perun P90 Mosfet

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  • Perun mosfet for P90 replaces trigger bar and mechanical contacts in your P90 replica and provides lots of useful features. Magnetic sensors coupled with a magnet installed directly on the trigger, allow to remove the bar that connects trigger with the gearbox, making trigger pull much smoother. Proprietary cut-off lever (comes with the mosfet) works with an optical sensor to eliminate all problems with single fire function.

    Replicas compatible with this mosfet are models made by: Tokyo Marui, ACM, Asia Tactical, Classic Army, Cybergun, CYMA, J Tactical, JG. It is incompatible with GG and Krytac P90's.
    • Adjustable trigger sensitivity
    • Independently programmable firing modes
    • Active brake with adjustable braking power
    • Precocking (with spring release feature)
    • Binary trigger
    • Rate of fire reduction
    • Low battery voltage alarm
    • DSG mode
    • Diagnostic system
    • Electronic resettable fuse

    Programming of all the settings is done solely by using a button and multicolor LED diode mounted in the battery compartment and the trigger. That allows changing the settings in any moment, in a matter of seconds, even under enemy fire. All settings are set independently for each selector position, so you can program the mosfet exactly the way you want, for example semi on semi and binary trigger on auto.
    Perun for P90 works without problems with any battery from, 7 V to 17 V. It can also be used with most extreme setups.
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