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Perun ETU++ Airsoft MOSFET for G&G ETU Gearboxes

Perun ETU++ Airsoft MOSFET for G&G ETU Gearboxes

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  • The Perun MOSFET upgrade kit is one of the smallest MOSFET devices on the market. There is a specialized, ultra-low resistance transistor used in Perun channels that power from the battery directly to motor, while the mechanical contacts only have to handle small amounts of current to turn the MOSFET on and off. Thus, this greatly extends the service life and lowers overall resistance resulting in a more dependable airsoft gun with higher rate of fire.


  • The following settings are possible to set any combination on the firing modes under "SEMI" and "AUTO" selector positions independently:
    2 to 5 round burst


  • Program all of the settings by using the memorable sequences of fire selector switching and trigger pulls. This is used for not only firing modes, but also switching active brake, precocking, and battery protection on / off. Altogether, this allows the user to change the settings at any moment in a matter of seconds, even under the pressure of enemy fire.


  • Precocking
    Having fast trigger response can be a matter of victory or defeat, especially in CQB situations. With precocking enabled, the piston will remain in the rear position after each shot with spring already compressed. This ensures that next shot will be fired immediately after you pull the trigger. Precocking works in semi, burst and full-automatic modes.

  • Battery Protection Mode
    Dedicated to Li-Po batteries. If the battery voltage falls to a dangerously low level, the user will be notified by a short sound signal that is repeated every 30 seconds. If you do not want noise to occur, then you can freely switch this from on to off.

  • Double Shot Mode
    Double shot mode allows for double shots in the semi-automatic fire setting. After enabling this mode, if semi-automatic fire is set, shots will be fired when the trigger is pressed and again when the trigger is released.

  • The upgrade kit works without problems with any battery from 7V do 17V. The circuit is designed to work even if the battery has only enough power to make the airsoft gun at a very low rate of fire. It can also be used with most extreme setups, without any limitations of the spring rating. The maximum rate of fire is 50 RPS.

  • Electronic Fuse
    The fuse is designed to work with Li-Po batteries to save your airsoft gun and battery in case of a major malfunction. It will automatically disconnect the battery, if a short circuit or blocked motor is detected.

  • Active Brake
    The G&G ETU has an active brake, which is retained in Perun's upgrade kit. The active brake system allows the motor to stop after each shot. Active brake will be an effective solution in the event of a double shot problem in airsoft guns with a high rate of fire. It can also prevent the main spring from being compressed for long periods of time. For example, if you will fire a shot with active brake before storing your airsoft gun. Active brake can be switched on or off at any time in a matter of seconds.
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